The Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square conducted a Mental Health Awareness Program in Araniko Boarding School, Bhotebahal, Kathmandu on 18th August 2023. The program was supported by Star Hospital by providing a Psychologist Ms. Anju Laxmi Maharjan. With the gracious presence of Rtn. Dr. Dhurba Man Shrestha, Mental Health Chair for District 3292, RY 2023-24, the event drew a robust participation of over 40 students.

A highlight of the program was the data collection initiative, where valuable information about the mental health status of the attending students was gathered. This data will be meticulously reviewed to gain deeper insights into the prevailing mental health landscape among school students. This analysis will pave the way for more targeted and effective interventions in the future.

With the coordination of Service Chair Rtn. Dr. Indra Kumar Shrestha and Rtn. Manoj Maharjan, the awareness program will be continued throughout the year as per our schedule in RY 23-24.