Program: DG Visit

Date: 17th Nov 19

Location: Bagaicha, Jawalakhel


President Rtn. CA Gyanendra B Bhari called 3rd Club Assembly and welcome DG
Rtn. Kiran Lal Shrestha, DS Rtn. Rajendra Dahal, AG Rtn. Prithivi Raj Vaidya,
Rotarians from different clubs, Guests, Rotaractors and Anns of RC PDS.
Session Handover President Rtn.Bhari handover 3rd Club Assembly to District Governor Rtn. Kiran Lal Shrestha to conduct session of 3rd Assembly and he requested all Committee Chair to present their reports and tentative planning of RY 2019/20.


Presentation of Club Reports:
1. Club Administrative Chair: Rtn. Janak Prakash Thapa
2. Service Project Chair: Rtn. Rtn. Bishwo Bijay Shrestha
3. Membership Chair: Rtn. Minu Shrestha
4. Public Relation Chair: Rtn. Narendra Pd Shrestha
5. The Rotary Foundation : Rtn. Dr. Krishna Ram Amatya

1. Club Admin Chair, Rtn. Janak Prakash Thapa presented their reports of
attendance, no. of meetings, club bulletins & website, no. of talk
program which was complete, amendment of by-laws, participating in
district and club activities.
2. Service Project Chair, Rtn. Bishwo Bijay Shrestha reports vocational
service activities, literacy programs, health service and water &
sanitation, environment etc.
3. Membership Chair, Rtn. Minu Shrestha shared planning activities of
classification survey, 100% Retention, membership growth atleast 3
members in RY 2019/20, participation in District Events, etc.
4. Public Relation Chair shared information of our club websites,
publication club activities in GML and Rotary news, posting photographs
in club’s Facebook, publishing new Brochures, displaying Rotary Emblem
in project areas etc.
5. TRF Chair, Rtn. Dr. Krishna Ram Amatya shared his planning of achieving
100% PHF Club, updates Major Donor of club, shared Global Grant &
District Grant projects in all details.
DG Rtn. Kiran Lal Shrestha thanked & appreciates entire Rotary Family and
all committee chairs doing remarkable projects in short time period of RY 2019/20 Also, he suggested us to be a 100% PHF, membership to be increase, requested for more participation in District Conference held in Pokhara, reporting & publicity of Rotary activities to be done, etc.

DG Rtn. Kiran Lal Shrestha thanked all and adjourned 3rd Assembly. DG Rtn. Kiran Lal Shrestha handover back to President Rtn. CA Gyanendra Bhari.