In our recent Weekly Meeting 984, on January 7, 2024, Rtn. Jagadiswor Man Shrestha, a Structural Engineer with over 20 years of experience, shared eye-opening information about making buildings safer in earthquakes.

Shrestha focused on the current situation of buildings in Nepal and explained why it’s crucial to make them earthquake-resistant. He made it clear that our structures need to be better prepared for potential earthquakes.

One key message from Shrestha was the importance of taking action before disasters strike. He outlined simple steps for architects, engineers, and builders to follow when constructing buildings that can withstand earthquakes. This includes using strong foundations, flexible materials, and smart designs.

What made Shrestha’s talk special was his emphasis on spreading awareness. He stressed that everyone in the community should understand how to make buildings safer. It’s not just about experts; it’s about all of us working together.

As we think about what we learned from Shrestha, it’s apparent that building earthquake-resistant structures is not just a job for professionals—it’s something we all need to care about. His talk motivated us to see construction in a new light.

In summary, Rtn. Jagadiswor Man Shrestha’s talk wasn’t just about facts and figures; it was a call to action. His easy-to-understand advice and passion for involving the community have set the stage for a safer Nepal. Let’s take these lessons to heart and work together towards a future where our homes and buildings can weather any storm.