Project Name: Tiffin Program

Location: Balodhaya Primary School, Dapakhel

Fund: Internal Club Source

Project Summary:

Shree Balodaya Primary School is a government school established on 1980A.D by the initiative of then village chief, Pradhan Pancha Mr. Narayan Babo Khatri along with Mr. Jitman Sing Basnet, Mr. Kedar Prasad Paudel, Mr. Arjun Bahadur Karki and Mr. Basudev Paudel. They realized the importance of an educational institution in that area and thus opened this school. They started the school in a Bamboo hut with volunteer teachers. This School was officially registered in 1982A.D. with the help of respected local community developers.

In the year 1990A.D, Rotary International and other donors constructed a two storied concrete building and made it suitable for the school to run classes up to grade five. In the same year, teachers Mr. Daya Sagar Ghimire and Mrs. Bidya Khadka initiated to construct a lavatory with metal roofing.

Over the years the number of children from the local community reduced as their parents opted for private schools, and replaced by children of financially deprived parents who are mostly laborers.

It is pity that the number of children reduced to 50 from its highest capacity of 125 after the earthquake of April 2015 Parents no longer send their children to school since their conditions affected severely.

This is the time that Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square opted tiffin program in this school in partnership with Rotary Club of Shepparton South RID 9790, Australia. This program helped to increase the flow of children in the school from 50 to 85 in a month. Presently the school has full enrollment of 125 children. The positive impact was taken into account. There is more support for this cause. With the further support from Rotary Club of Scituate, Rhode Island, USA the tiffin program in this school continued till 2019A.D.

We are happy to note that parents are now also contributing for the tiffin.