Introductory brief and Management Committee Guidelines 

  1. Introductory Brief:

Rotary Club of Durbarmarg and Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square jointly entered upon an agreement on Monday, September 19th, 2016 with Yoko Ando and Machiko Shimamoto, residents of Mino City and Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan for the objective of a PARTNERSHIP in Construction and Operation of a Vocational Training Center in Sankhu, Nepal to uplift and support women empowerment and the local communities.

Bhagyodaya School in Sankhu was kind to acknowledge this noble initiative and agreed to provide its land to build and operate the proposed Vocational Training Center. Upon made available the land at the vacant eastern back side portion of Bhagyodaya School connecting to the Toilets wing with a separate dedicated walkway from the north boundary main road of the school, the design estimation was made considering the future storey addition to accommodate expansion and capacity building of the Vocational Training Center. A brief Foundation Laying Ceremony took place in the presence of the Donor Ms. Yoko Ando on Sept. 19th Tuesday 2017 with the Mayor of Shankarapur Municipality Mr. Subarna Shrestha as the Chief Guest and Dy. Mayor Ms.  Sukra Laxmi Bashi and Past District Governor of Rotary International District-3292: Nepal-Bhutan Tirtha Man Sakya as the Guest of Honors.

Rotary Club of Sankhu, the local club has been supporting this program during the construction phase and shall help the operation of the Training Center through its representation in the Management Committee and the selection of the trainees in the Training Center in particular.

There will be an Implementing Partner to take the responsibility of operation of this “Yoko Center for Rotary Vocational Training”.  Motherland Nepal, a local community based organization involved in vocational training for the women skill development in Sankhu has agreed to take up this responsibility.

  1. Objectives:

The objectives of this Vocational Training Center shall be:

  1. It will primarily focus on the skill development and income generation of the deserving local women of the community in Sankhu and the neighborhood
  2. Adult literacy classes would be undertaken as necessary in partnership with Bhagyodaya School
  3. As a result, child basic education in the local community is expected to increase
  4. It is expected that upon expansion and capacity building of the Vocational Training Center, it could become a future landmark of Sankhu
  5. It is expected that Bhagyodaya School and Sankhu Municipality can play a larger role in partnership in the future to meet the objectives of the Center and the community development of the area
  6. There will be an Implementing Partner who will:
  7. Operate and run the training center with approved annual program
  8. Pay agreed rentals in return to the space used in the training center
  9. Collaborate with Rotary Clubs involved to conduct programs for women empowerment through various training
  10. Through the Second Hall built as a Community Hall and through the rental arrangements, undertake/ or arrange various other trainings and /or undertake/or arrange other local events and functions
  11. Take the responsibility of the Secretary in the Management Committee of the Training Center
  12. A long term planning would be implemented to make the center sustainable
  13. Will construct the remaining additional floors of the building to expand and extend the training activities gradually
  1. Partners in Service:

It is envisaged Bhagyodaya School shall regularly complement the training center further by:

  1. Run Adult Literacy Class for the women in the training
  2. Run Child Enrollment scheme in the school to enhance basic education opportunities for the children of the women in the training

It is envisaged Sankharapur Municipality shall playi an important role in the development of this Training Center and Community Development through participation in:

  1. Enhance collaborative programs on Literacy and Basic Education for Women and Children of the local community
  2. Enhance collaborative programs on Women Empowerment through Income Generation
  3. Enhance collaborative programs on Economic and Community Development of the area
  4. Management Committee:

A Management Committee representing the stakeholders and the partners in service shall be made to oversee the objectives of this Training Center as of the followings:

Names                                                                                                                                                          Designations

  1. Rotary Club of Durbarmarg – Focal Person, Past President Nugal Vaidya Chair
  2. Rotary Club of Durbarmarg – Sitting President Member
  3. Rotary Club of Patan Durbarsquare – Past President Minu Shrestha Treasurer
  4. Rotary Club of Patan Durbarsquare – Sitting President Member
  5. Donor – Ms. Yoko Ando Member
  6. Rotary Club of Sankhu – Sitting President or Representative Secretary
  7. Representative – Bhagyodaya School Member
  8. Representative – Sankharapur Municipaity Member
  9. Representative – Training Center Agency Member Secretary


  1. Responsibility and Roles of Management Committee:


  1. Plan and Policy making of the Training Center
  2. Operate the Training Center through the Implementing Partner
  3. Sustainability and Development of the Training Center
  4. Fund Raising and Collaborations to enhance Women Empowerment, Basic Education & Literacy, and Economic & Community Development
  5. Oversee Book keeping of Income, Expenses and Finances of Training Center
  6. Administer compliance to local laws and regulations
  7. Review scope and objectives of the Training Center time to time and Amendments and additions if applicable


  1. Responsibility and Roles of Implementing Partner:


  1. Prepare Yearly Plan and Term Plan for conducting various trainings as per the objectives of the Training Center
  2. Operate the Training Center as per the guidelines developed by the Management Committee
  3. Administer the rental and book keeping of Community Hall and others on behalf of the Management Committee
  4. Assist in making the Training Center sustainable and take care of maintenance of the building
  5. Conduct and make Income through dedicated Internal Training and Productions and thereby pay a regular agreed nominal amount on rental for sustainability purpose
  6. Represent in the Management Committee to take the responsibility of the Member Secretary