This Global Grant is formulated to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) conditions of Balodaya Primary School, Dhapakhel, Sanchetana Primary School, Dhobighat, and Sikali Temple Area, Khokana, Lalitpur by constructing toilets and providing necessary WASH training to the students, teachers and local community. This project is sponsored by Rotary District 2740, Japan, and Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square (RCPDS), Rotary District 3292, Nepal. The primary and secondarycontact persons of this project are Rtn. Dr. Kozi Sumi, Rtn. Mr. Yoshifumi Nishikawa and Rtn. Mr. Kozi Okamura of RD 2740 and Rtn. Dr. Surendra Prasad Joshi, Rtn. Ms Minu Shrestha and Rtn. Mr. Chandra Krishna Shrestha of Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square. The total budget of the project is USD 73,512, while the budgets for toilets construction is USD 33,450 for Khokana community, USD 19,918 for Balodaya School, and USD 6,529 for Sanchetana School. The toilet block of Baloday is a two storey building with a store in the ground floor and toilet in the first floor. The first floor consists three ladies toilet cabins, three boys toilet cabins, one  boys urinal cabin and a small store. The toilet of Sanchetan school consists two boys toilets, two girls toilets, one staff toilet and a boys urinal cabin.  The toilets in Balodaya School and Sanchetana Schools are already completed and students, teachers and parents of these schools are benefitting from this project. The toilet construction of Khokana is in the final stage. After the construction of this toilet, 16,000 people of Khokana community and the pilgrims will get benefit from this project.

By Rtn Dr. Surendra Pd Joshi