Commencing the new tenure, the Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square organized its first weekly meeting jointly with the Spouse Group and Rotaract Club of Patan Durbar Square. The session featured comprehensive presentations of the upcoming year’s plans for 2023-24, delivered by Rtn. Keshab Maharjan and Rtr. Rohil Maharjan.

During a productive and compassionate meeting, the Rotary, Rotaract, and Spouse group came together to discuss potential joint projects focusing on mental health and Cerebral Palsy. All three recognized the pressing need to address mental health challenges in our community and the importance of providing support and resources to individuals and families affected by Cerebral Palsy. The meeting was marked by a shared commitment to making a positive impact and improving the lives of those facing these issues. Ideas were exchanged, ranging from organizing awareness campaigns and educational workshops to collaborating with local healthcare institutions and specialists. The members left the meeting inspired and eager to work hand in hand, leveraging their combined expertise and resources to create meaningful and sustainable projects that would foster a healthier and more inclusive society.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the importance of publishing a monthly club bulletin and planning harassment awareness programs in partnership with Rotaract. Environment awareness and waste management issues were also actively discussed during the productive gathering.