The Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square held its 1st Club Assembly on July 16, 2023, to discuss the plans and strategies for the upcoming year. The assembly took place at Le- Bagaicha Restro & Bar, Jawalakhel, in the presence of AG Rtn. Rajani Shrestha and District Mental Health Chair Rtn. Durba Man Shrestha.

Each committee chair provided updates on the projects they had successfully completed and those that were currently in progress. The presentations were accompanied by PowerPoint slides illustrating the impact and outcomes of these projects. Strategies for membership growth and member engagement were discussed to strengthen the club’s network and involvement in community activities. Also, important updates from the Rotary district and international level were shared, keeping members informed about broader Rotary initiatives and opportunities for collaboration.

AG Rtn. Rajani Shrestha acknowledged and appreciated the dedication of each committee chair in the Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square, particularly in the Mental Health and Cerebral Palsy projects. She commended their efforts and offered valuable suggestions to enhance the proposed projects further. Emphasizing the significance of teamwork and communication, she encouraged continued collaboration among members to effectively achieve the club’s goals.