Date: 9th September 20
Program: Supporting Food Program
Participation: Rtn. Durga Prasad Subedi (AG), Rtn. Chandra Krishna Shrestha, Rtn. Dr. Surendra Pd Joshi, Rtn. Minu Shrestha, Rtn. Niroj B Mathema, Rtn. Narendra Pd Shrestha, Ann Rose Shrestha, Rtr. Hasina Shrestha
Avenue : Service Project
Summary: Rotary Club of Patan Durbar Square participated and donated Rs.20,000 for supporting Hundred Group who are organizing food feeding program to street victims at Tudhikhel on 9th September 20. They are providing food nearly 400 local people everyday who had been affected by this pandemic in their day to day life.