Date: 6th September 20
Speaker: Rtn. Er. Jagadiswar Man Shrestha
Duration: 45 minutes
Rotarian: 14 , Spouse: 2 & Rotaractors: 4
Objective: “2072 Nepal Earthquake and Earthquake Resistance Structure”
Avenue : Club Service
Our main purpose of organizing this program is to minimise damage and disturbance to residents in moderate and minor earthquakes. Also, Rtn. Er. Shrestha suggested ;
For a building to be earthquake resistant it must be:
• Configured well
• Detailed well
• Constructed well
Basic Recommendation
• Guidance for improvements to design and detailing practice for small engineered buildings and infrastructure;
• Guidance for design and detailing for non-engineered buildings;
• Guidance on improvement in construction quality and construction monitoring (we emphasise the importance of quality materials, construction and thorough construction inspection).

To summarise, the move to modern materials has lead to a reduction in seismic resistance. If
buildings are to be constructed from either masonry or reinforced concrete there must be the
knowledge to design them and the skills to construct them to a high standard.